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What people are saying about Armed for Greatness

Editorial, Aylmer Bulletin


Armed for  Greatness, Christine Denis publishesfirst book

Nathalie Nadeau Mijal


Sunday, April 15th, Christine Denis launched her first book, Armed for Greatness, at the Lucy-Faris Library.

To an audience of roughly 20 people, Denis gave a talk explaining that she had written the book as a guide for young people to ‘discover their full potential’ and to give them tools for coping with abuse. Denis describes her book as ‘teenage self-help’ but added that readers of all ages could use the story to find clarity.

The plot follows a woman as she goes through life, starting in high school and becoming a mother. The protagonist, Jessica, suffers bullying and abuse at different stages of her life and forms unhealthy relationships. The author is honest about the fact that Jessica’s story is loosely based on her own and that many of the scenes in the book really took place.

Her book offers techniques and exercises that aim to tackle ‘limiting beliefs’ and empower readers so that they may avoid the challenges she faced.

Jessica ‘doesn’t understand why she keeps attracting abuse in her life’ and ‘her worst fear when she has kids is that the abuse will be transferred to the children.’ Denis’ own daughter is in the audience, yet the author speaks openly about difficult or sad situations she faced and what she learned. A confident speaker, she keeps her tone light though visibly displays emotion when she reaches the more touching parts of her story. ‘I teach about how it’s possible to have a relationship with a loved one that has passed on… My father passed away a long time ago, but I have felt his presence forever,’ she says, her voice breaking. Noticeably moved, audience members offer each other tissues. In the book, Jessica is able to connect with her deceased father through meditation and receive his guidance. Denis asks the group to close their eyes, breathe deeply, and repeat after her. ‘Because I am cherished, I am loved, and I am powerful,’ chants the audience. ‘This book will arm you for greatness,’ she concludes.

The Gatineau-based author plans to follow up on Armed for Greatness with a blog, workshops and conferences, and hopes to write a second book. When asked what issues youth are facing today, Denis does not hesitate. ‘I think that a lot of them are lost. They are looking for tools and that’s one of the reasons why I wrote the book. I wanted to let them know that they are not alone… I spoke to a lot of kids before I wrote this book. They say that they need role models.’ She hopes her workshops will provide a safe space for teens to learn how to deal with bullying.

Armed for Greatness is available at


Customer reviews


"Christine has been a great help in my personal development, both professionally and personally. She has always been an excellent listener, but also an observer of my behaviors, without judgment. She knew how to guide me by giving me positive and constructive comments and tools, but she also knew how to comfort me with her wise and compassionate words. Today, I can say that Christine has greatly contributed to making me spread my wings and fly! Thank you". Marie-France

"I really liked her book, Armed for Greatness, and it led me to make several reflections.  For me it's a first.  I have never until today, read a book in its entirety probably because I could not sustain any interest but with her book, I take advantage of every free moment to read a few chapters and I have almost finished it.  Thank you, I learned many principles and theories that I didn't know.  I recommend it to everyone." Jacques

"Christine helped me gain confidence in myself both professionally and personally. Her open ear and non-judgmental approach helped me learn to open up. I developed a side of me that today makes me proud." Céline

"Christine has been with me through some difficult times and has helped me a lot to see things more clearly."


"I really needed to say thank you for bringing this insight into my life with your book. I am used to reading a lot about this type of subject, but you are the first one who explained how to concretely erase my memory card. This is something I will do at least once a year. Thank you." Renée-Pier

"I believe a measure of courage is the willingness to share your most fragile self so others can benefit. Someone close to me had a dream of writing a book to help young people deal with bullying. The book is now a reality. The (seemingly) fictitious lead character is a single mom with two children. Their story includes heartbreak, failure and despair, but it also speaks of character, resilience and, above all, triumph of the human spirit. It's honest, entertaining and well worth reading. You may even learn a few things. I know I did. I highly recommend it." Michael Hughes, the Networking Guru

"Armed for Greatness is a self-help book with an engaging story line geared towards young adults. It leaves the reader with applicable tools to be used in everyday life to support the individual in living their life with grace and confidence. After having my son I had major brain fog and found it difficult to keep focus on every self-help book I picked-up. This book was different. The story line is engaging, playful and it takes complicated teachings and presents each lesson into a neat and accessible package. I’m in gratitude to have had this book cross my path, and have a copy waiting for my son when he reaches his adolescent years. I know its teachings will support him in his life journey, and that he will connect to the story line as it is relatable to every youth and adult.
Armed for Greatness should seriously be in every school guidance counsellor’s office and on the bed side table of every teen. Parents buy this book for your teen and yourself !" Neo, June 19, 2019

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It is inspirational and shares stories and situations that everyone will be able to relate to. It was great to walk through situations with the characters and see how they learned and grew from them. This book will touch everyone that reads it in one way or another because each person will see themselves in one or more of these stories. The author proposes tools and exercises to guide and inspire. It's a fast read, a great story and worth passing it on to your teenagers. It might just be what they need to get through some tough times!" Nicole Chiasson


"I’ve read this book and thought it was very educational for teens and parents with teens. It is well written, to try and understand the mixed fillings of teens and parents. I wish I would have read it when my kids were growing up. It is a powerful tool for all with strong beliefs and would recommend it to everyone. I especially liked the author going from Emma, Jeremy and herself Jessica to different chapter as is kept us in suspense. I think this book will really be appreciated to all, the power of belief comes to you, as I have experienced in the past. Bravo Christine, very good job, you should be proud." Jacqueline St-Clair



"As a young adult, I was able to connect a lot of the lessons the character in this book learns to things I have gone through or am learning at the moment. It reminded me that a lot of good comes to you when you have faith in yourself and your capacity. I'm really excited to share this with young people in my life!" Stephanie Meunier




"Great tools for teenagers on how to get through high school . Easy to read. Loved it!!" Anonymous

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